Annual registration fee:

Beginning Sept-Dec - $100
Beginning in Jan-May - $50
   (includes adjudications, recitals, recordings, etc)



$50/45 min.
$40/half hour
(only available for grade 8 and younger)

College credit via EverettCC

Additional fees for teacher travel, books & competitions

Occasional online lessons are available via FaceTime or Zoom. 

Ms. Kurtz instructs singers at a McClosky voice seminar

La Voz Viva

Voice Lessons in Everett, Snohomish County‚Äč

Do you want to improve your voice quality, range, and solo singing?

  -Learn correct posture, relaxation, breathing,  musicianship, self-confidence, control, range, and flexibility
  -Sing more expressively in different styles and languages. 
  -Sing on stage; prepare an audition for a Broadway musical 
   -Improve your music reading & listening skills

Performance expectations:  You will be able to perform at  student recitals and adjudications.

What styles of music are taught?

-Music theatre (belt & legit), classical music, Christian, folk, & jazz.  

-I also offer speaking voice lessons and habilitation.

I offer a Complimentary 15-minute mini-lesson to prospective students.  (Additional time charged @ regular rates)